Hypoglycemia In Young Puppies and Teacup Shih Tzu

  Hypoglycemia is very easy to treat. If you negelect your new puppy then it can die. Greedy Breeders sell the puppies too young.
It's always best to buy an older puppy because Puppies get stressed when changing homes. 
The very young and smaller Toy breed pups can't maintain as well as older pups or larger pups if they stress out and come off their food. Puppies need to be as fat as possible when changing new homes. The smaller pups can't afford to lose an once. 

I have seen pups lose half their body weight in 24 hours because pups are all water weight.

 Hypoglycemia does not mean that your new puppies is unhealthy. It means your new Shih Tzu puppy is stressing with the change in homes and not eating.

I good honest breeder should tell you if your puppy has ever had problems with Hypoglycemia while in the breeders care. A good breeder knows each puppy very well and should never allow a tiny pup to change home if it has had Hypoglycemia problems. 

I keep my puppies until older to prevent all these problems when changing homes. 

Sherry Joiner